Friday, May 8, 2009

Pancake Parlour

Last time I was at Pancake Parlour, would have been over 10 years ago in primary school. I used to think it was a great place and that the pancakes were yummy. They either used to be better, or I didn't know what a good pancake was..

10 years ahead, and I must say, that the food wasn't that great. And worst of all, it was dirty. Now, how dirty? And what do I mean by dirty? Well.. utensils, plates etc.. weren't all that clean. Even the plates from Food Republic in Malaysia are cleaner than it was here! Yuck. Most diners were old people as well. -__-

$12.50 Fare
Comes with tea, coffee or fizzy drink.

Lunchtime Wild Barramundi fillet.Barramundi fillet balanced atop a potato pancake served with side salad and tartare sauce.

2 Course Fare $17.50

Lunchtime crepe escape. A crepe made with organic flour filled with thinly sliced ham and melting cheese and garnished with grilled pineapple. Served with a side salad.

Dessert size Barvarian Apple Pancakes. Warm spiced apple on two baby pancakes with ice-cream dusted with cinnamon sugar.

You call them baby pancakes? I was quite surprised by the size of it. But.. they were the same size as the pancake beneath my fish! -__-

Lovely? No. I don't think so. The food didn't taste that great, and everything seemed and was oily! I don't like Pancake Parlour. I could save my money and make better pancakes. I'd be much happier that way as well.. Sigh.

Pancake Parlour
Bourke St Mall (down the escalator)

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