Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Osmanthus and wolfberry jelly

Off topic from baking, I made some osmanthus and wolfberry (aka goji berry) jelly today. I've gotten the ingredients a while ago but just never had the chance to make it.

I first tried this when I was in HK last year, at Tim Ho Wan for yum cha. I didn't know what it was but it was nice, not too sweet.

I hadn't thought much about it since then until my friend S decided to make some a few months ago after she had watched a TVB drama featuring it. (:P @ S).

So here's my attempt at it.

Osmanthus and wolfberry jelly
Makes about 38 small jellies

240g powdered konnyaku jelly (pre-sweetened)
1200ml water
~20g dried wolfberry/goji berry
~5g dried sweet scented osmanthus flowers

Boil water.
Slowly add konnyaku jelly, stirring gradually.
Allow to completely dissolve in about 3 mins.
Add in wolfberries and osmanthus flowers.
Remove from heat.
Pour/spoon into jelly moulds.

I bought these moulds in KL 1-2 years ago. I got about 6 in pack.

Allow to cool. Refrigerate until set.

Carefully remove from moulds.

There we go! Very simple and easy to make.

I think next time, I will try and find unsweetened konnyaku and add honey instead. The packaging didn't really say anything about it being sweetened, and most of it was written in Indonesian/Malaysian. :(

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