Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CNY: Kueh bangkit

February 14 is only 4 days away. So I'll be starting my Chinese New Year cooking.

A few days earlier:

I've dry fried 500gm of tapioca starch on low heat for 45mins. I'll let it cool for the next few days and make the kueh bangkit then. I'm going to tweek the recipe so it will be different this year. Hopefully an improved version! :)


Yes! These are much lighter than the ones I made last year! Much much better~ :D

Kueh bangkit
Makes about 185 bite sized pieces

500g tapioca starch
250ml coconut cream
200g sugar
3 egg yolks
1 tsp pandan essence/1 tsp durian paste

Dry fry tapioca starch in a large clean dry wok for about 45mins.
Leave to cool overnight or for a few days.
Melt sugar in coconut cream over low heat. Remove from heat.
Allow to cool slightly before adding egg yolk.
Add in flavouring.
Slowly add liquid into tapioca starch until a dough is formed.
The dough should be matte and not glossy, so add the liquid bit by bit so you don't add too much. (If you do, you'd have to dry fry some more tapioca starch..)
Roll out and cut using cookie cutters.
Bake in a preheated 160C oven for about 15-20mins (depending on the size of your shapes.)
Allow to cool completely on cooling rack before storing in an air tight container.

Dot with some red food dye, and we're all set!

Weee.. lots and lots of kueh bangkit to go around! The white ones are pandan and the yellow are durian.

Why the fish, you may ask? "Nian nian you yu" 年年有余 meaning 'more abundance every year'. It's a play on words basically, as 'yu' sounds similar to fish 鱼. :P

One heart fills another, together they belong.

Be careful when you handle them though, as they are quite fragile!

A broken man.. with a broken heart. :(
He's happy because he knows that he's delicious enough to be eaten regardless. :P


  1. THESE LOOK SO CUTE LINDA!!!i love them =))))
    i might even try to make some =D

  2. do u dry fry?? TT
    i think i might just order some from you next yr instead..haha

  3. Haha. Thanks Trinh. You just stir around in a large dry wok/pan for about 45mins. It's basically 'dry' 'frying'. :P

  4. Oh, poor man with that broken heart....:O

  5. What a blast from the past! My sister and I made these when I was little. Love how they just melt in your mouth...looking forward to making it!

  6. Oh I love the fish ones. So cute!

  7. Hello there!

    Love these! BTW, where did you get your fish cookie cutter? I have been looking high and low for it in Canada and online but I can't find it. Did you get it in Malaysia/ Singapore? Thanks!