Saturday, May 1, 2010

Frozen yoghurt

The other day, Jalna Yoghurt was on sale. Being thick and creamy, it's especially good for making frozen yoghurt.

Having some frozen cherries on hand also, I threw them together into my ice-cream machine and made vanilla cherry frozen yoghurt!

Very simple to make, and healthier than ice-cream! I love those frozen cherries!

Vanilla and cherry frozen yoghurt
Makes 1.5L or so.

1kg Jalna Premium Vanilla Yoghurt
300g frozen pitted cherries (I used the Creative Gourmet ones)

Freeze ice-cream canister over night or as per your ice-cream machine instructions.

Mix cherries into yoghurt.

Pour into ice-cream machine.
Churn until frozen or as specified by your machine.

Freeze overnight in a freezer safe container.

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