Friday, April 10, 2009

Sweet mee sua (Birthday noodles)

Mee sua is also known as long life noodles. It can be served savoury or sweet. And it was the sweet version that I had a craving for. I remember over 10 years ago, I had sweet mee sua with egg for someone's birthday. I've never had it ever since, but I still remember and longed for the taste. So my mum showed me how she makes it.

This is the mee sua. You can get it from Asian grocers.

But... look at the salt content! That's quite a lot of salt! The noodles are actually quite salty on their own. I can't see how they can be called long life noodles when they can potentially lead you into high blood pressure (due to the high salt content) and thus shortening your life span! I suppose the noodles themselves have a long life. You.. won't. Haha.

Sweet mee sua (Birthday noodles)
Serves 8+

375gm mee sua (long life noodles)
4 cups water
1 cup sugar
8 eggs

Fry each egg separately.

Look at the length of the egg on the right! Haha.

Boil the mee sua in a large pot until cooked. Taste test a noodle to see if it's cooked.

Drain the noodles and discard the water (as it may be salty).

In another saucepan, boil the water and sugar, stirring frequently so the sugar can melt.

Then add the fried eggs.

Simmer for a few minutes.

Place some noodles in a bowl, and add an egg or two along with the sugar syrup.

Serve hot/warm.

Mmmm. Sweet/salty goodness. The taste I longed for came flooding back when I had some. It tasted exactly like how it used to. Hehe. Yummy!

In summary, I believe that these birthday noodles can lead to high blood pressure and diabetes because of it's high salt and sugar content. :P That's a reason why people don't eat this often. Well, you really shouldn't.


  1. lol. i like the "long life" noodle's name. its mockery to humanity!!

    long life noodles: teehee i can live longer with all this salty goodness while you suffer PAIN and GORE! teeeheee!

  2. This brings back a lot of sweet childhood memories that I'm going to make for my little girl tomorrow who turns 3. :) Hope she likes it as much as I did.

  3. I tried cooking it but sorry to say that it's not's more suitable if it goes with something salty.I have never tasted a syrup soup in my whole life.Anyway interesting technique.

  4. My family has always eaten birthday mee suah with syrup (cooked with rock sugar and pandan). But we have hard boiled eggs instead. We love it! You could say that it's an acquired taste. Can anyone tell me where this tradition came from? Very few people I know eat mee suah with syrup.