Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rushed sushi & pineapple milk

It's sushi again.

Came home from work and decided that I had enough energy to make sushi. Plus, the weather was too hot for hot food. Unfortunately... I was hungry. So it was rushed. I usually take photos before I eat. But this time I couldn't be bothered. I wasn't going to take photos at all actually, nor post this. And somehow I ended up doing so (I guess it was natural instinct that made me do so. I couldn't help it!). Haha. So here was what was left over. :P

Sushi with the works (They were gigantic!)
seafood mix, cooked
pan-fried teriyaki salmon
prawns, cooked
avocado, sliced
cucumber, sliced lengthwise
pickled radish, sliced lengthwise
japanese mayonnaise
roasted sesame seeds
cooked rice
furikake (rice seasoning, i used the salmon and roe one)
rice vinegar
nori sheets
wasabi, for dipping
premium soy sauce, for dipping

Cook rice. Mix in rice vinegar and sugar. Mix in furikake.
Leave to cool for a while.

Take nori, put a thin layer of the rice. Leave 2-3cm at the end uncovered with no rice.
Sprinkle sesame seeds, then add mayonnaise and any of the toppings at one end of the rice.
Roll up towards the riceless end. Leave untouched for a few minutes so that the nori can stick and close the roll.
Slice and serve with wasabi and soy sauce.

I made 4 gigantic rolls = ~8 normal length handrolls. And no, I did not eat them all. I would explode if I did. I was hungry, but now I'm too full. :(

And seeing as it was hot today, I made myself some pineapple milk. Yum yum! Haha. I've never tried it before. But there was still pineapple juice in the fridge (from when I made midori splice) and there was milk (of course, there's always fresh milk!). So I decided to mix the two. My sister looked at me weirdly, 'what? you're going to mix pineapple juice and milk? *raises eyebrow*'. UH HUH! And I liked it! It was very refreshing and not too sweet. I could have probably added in some midori to make it a splice wannabe.. but nahh. :)

Pineapple milk
3/4 quantity pineapple juice
1/4 quantity milk

Mix together and drink when chilled.

Mmm. That was nice iced pineapple milk! :D

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