Friday, January 16, 2009


Yesterday, I bought a book from Borders. Guess what type of book? :)

Haha. A cookbook, of course!

It's the Women's Weekly Bake. There's also the red one (Cook) and the blue one (Kitchen) in the series as well. This one was on sale, so I bought it.

Pages of cakes, cookies, bread, slices, pies, tarts and savoury bakes!

Then I was at the library before. And I borrowed 5 other cooking related books as well. :P

Apricots are nice. (Yes, I know that was random and off topic). But I currently have a liking for apricots. I bought some (only a few, because I picked the best! Haha) really nice apricots from a green grocer after work the other day. They were $1.99/kg and were gigantic. About 6-7cm in diameter! I want to bake with them.. but they're just too precious. :( They're too fresh, too big and just too pretty on the eyes to be baked.

But.. we were given some apricots recently. So I guess I can use those! Wahaha. We'll see. :D

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