Thursday, May 14, 2009

Paldo jajangmyun

I watch Korean dramas, I discover Korean food. It was Goong that introduced me to tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes). And I think it was Goong S that introduced me to jajangmyun (Chinese derived Korean black bean noodles).

I like instant ramen. Especially the Korean ones, because their ramen are thicker and taste better. Haha. I found instant jajangmyun one day and decided to try it. I bought three different brands that day, and this one has been the best so far (it was also the priciest of them all. I think it costed about $2.40-$2.80 or so, from an Asian grocer).

Paldo jajangmyun

There was no English on the packaging but it had pictures in the directions, so it was self explanatory. I did find a YouTube clip as well. Haha. It's in Japanese though.

Of course, nothing is always what it seems. And my jajangmyun did not look like the photo on the packaging. It did have some sort of vegetable pieces (but I couldn't tell what they were as they had been soaked in the blackbean sauce) and I think there was even meat! The blackbean sauce was really nice. Not like the Chinese blackbean sauce that you'd find in Asian grocers. It was a very dark brown colour and looked extremely salty.. but it wasn't! It was actually really nice! The best instant jajangmyun I've ever had. Haha. Oh, I don't know what fresh jajangmyun tastes like. I've yet to find a Korean restaurant that actually makes it.. :(

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