Thursday, May 7, 2009

Big Ma Ma, Korean & Japanese


This wasn't the best takoyaki. A bit on the oily side.

Agedashi tofu

The tofu was smothered in the same sauces as the takoyaki basically.

Tteokbokki (with ramen)

Why.. was there ramen in this? It looked like they added someone's left over ramen from lunch. -__- Oh well. I like ramen anyway, so it didn't matter to me. Haha. It wasn't really spicy though. I've had better tteokbokki before..

Seafood pah jeon (Korean seafood pancake)

Ahhh! There were mussels in here! >< I didn't quite like this though. It was a bit oily.. So I ate it with the tteokbokki sauce. Haha~ Made it taste better actually! :P

But overall, it's an okay place to eat at. The garlic prawn (I think it was with fried rice or something) that they have is nice. It's convenient as it's near uni and we don't have to go all the way down to Chinatown. (I don't like union house food really.)

Prices are average, food is average, servings are average.

Big Ma Ma
Korean Japanese Restaurant
466 Swanston St
Carlton VIC 3053
11:30am - 9:00pm

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