Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 9: Claypot rice, very nice!

I like claypot rice. I've had it in Melb, but this was much cheaper of course. Mmm. Lunch was very satisfying.

The claypots being reheated. The reason why the food is so cheap and fast, is because they already prepared the claypots. They just add the sauces and other ingredients and then reheat for a while before serving to you. You can say it's like fastfood.

At the food court on level 4 of Suria, KLCC.

Chicken, mushroom and egg on rice claypot. RM7.10 (~AUD3.27)
This was delicious and filling! I think it had ginger in it too. Hehe~ Yay!

BBQ chicken rice claypot. RM5.90 (~AUD2.71)
It was BBQ sauce I think. And it's actually quite nice. BBQ sauce and rice is unique and nice. Haha.

Oh. And this was my breakfast before we headed to see the Petronas Twin Towers.

Congee with lots of pepper. I just couldn't taste it. I had to put a very large amount in before it was strong enough.

Pancakes and bread and butter pudding. With that yummy vanilla sauce. Haha.

The Petronas Twin Towers. We got tickets (it's free to go up) but we had to wait an hour or so before going up to the skybridge, which is on level 41 I think. The lift goes up really fast. About a level per second! :D

I didn't think the view was that great from the skybridge though.

Red bean ice blend (R) RM12.00 (~AUD5.52+5%) and Berry'd Treasure (R) RM12.80+ (~ AUD5.89+5%) from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf @Suria KLCC.
Mmm. I really like the Berry'd Treasure. It was berry berry nice~ :P

And these are some things that were bought from Mercato the night before.

Red local dragonfruit RM7.75 (~AUD3.57) and honey star fruit RM2.38 (~AUD1.09).

They weren't that sweet though. :(

I felt like drinking soy milk for some reason (I don't really drink soy milk. I rarely do.)..

Miko soy milk 1L RM3.90 (~AUD1.79).
This was the best soy milk I've ever had! I was enticed by the cute character on the packaging. Hahaha. But it was really nice. We kept it in the mini bar fridge in our hotel room, so it was nice and chilled to drink. Yumm!

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