Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 10: Last minute things, including Danson Tang!

Final night in Kuala Lumpur. Last minute things to eat, buy and do.

There were berries (or something) in the bread and butter pudding! I only scooped where I saw the fruit. Haha. :P

Not sure what fruit they were. I thought they were cherries though.

Roti canai with sunnyside up egg. Yummy!

Chicken sausages, weird hashbrowns and stale springrolls. (This wasn't mine)

Last minute buys from Daiso, The Curve Mall. I bought a lot of cooking/baking related items from there.. Haha. I'll show you later.

Bee's Bakery, The Curve mall.

Pandan/kaya roll. RM1.50 (~AUD0.69)

Red bean roll. RM1.60 (~AUD0.74).
This wasn't as nice as the kaya roll though.

After doing some last minute shopping, we decided to head towards Pavilion for dinner. We walked through Sungei Wang Plaza and found Danson Tang! :D Haha. The singing sounded familiar, so we took a closer look. (I've only watched him in Twdramas and not listened to his music though). There wasn't a massive crowd, but it wasn't too small either. There were heaps of fans taking photos so I decided to join in too. At least this time I knew who he was. Haha.

Sadly, he was at the end of singing that song. :(

The MC got Danson to do poses.

Or make faces.. I think he's cross-eyed here.

They spoke in Mandarin so I couldn't understand everything. I understood bits and pieces though.. Haha. I feel so illiterate. :(

And then we finally arrived at Food Republic, Pavilion mall. For the very last time.

Stingray and Lala on rice from Hotplate stall. RM9.90 (~AUD4.55)
The stingray was full of bones and didn't really have a unique taste. Probably like eel? And I don't know what Lala is.. like pippies I suppose? I'm not sure. This wasn't mine.

I.. had nasi lemak~ :)

Nasi lemak rendang beef from Mak Tom's Nasi Lemak stall. RM7.90 (~AUD3.63)
Yum yum yum~ I love their nasi lemak. It's not too spicy for me. Hehe. :D

We also bought some last minute things we wanted to try. They didn't have any bamboo charcoal mochi (that I kept seeing and saying that I'd try it one day) in store so I just got the bamboo charcoal sandwich slices.

Bamboo charcoal sandwich (3 thick slices) RM3.80 (~AUD1.75) and pandan kaya dorayaki RM1.8o (~AUD0.83) from Lavender bakery.
We'll have them tomorrow at the airport or something.

Soursop ABC (ice kachang) from Sweetspoon Desserts stall. RM4.75 (~AUD2.19).

And I nearly forgot about the red dragonfruit that we bought the other day. It had been sitting in the mini fridge. Haha. Well, last chance to eat it before we check out of our hotel room tomorrow afternoon.

Washed it, then cut it. I was thinking to myself "What if it's not red inside...". But red juices started oozing out as I was cutting it. Haha. Yay!

Tasted just the same as white fleshed dragonfruit. But it looked so cool! Mmm.. I want some more!

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