Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 11: KL to Sg

Last buffet breakfast. Haha. After having eaten there for 10 days, the staff would have recognised us (I think they did). -_- And after eating there for 10 days, I still hadn't tried every single thing there either. Oh well. Haha.

Nasi lemak with fried anchovies and sambal kawang. Roti canai.

Sweet bread bun and what was this new cupcake that I'm seeing for the first time? I was curious..

Oh. It was only chocolate chip. Didn't like this, didn't really eat it. :P I got my hopes up. I thought it was something better.

Plain yoghurt and strawberry jam = strawberry yoghurt. I'm a genius right? :P

Took a taxi (costed us RM20) from the hotel to KL Sentral. Then took the Aerobus (RM8.00 per person) to LCCT. Checked in and sat around.

Ate this for lunch before our flight to Singapore.

It tasted nice. Kinda like sweet bread but not as sweet. No other flavour really. I liked it but.. I did a google on bamboo charcoal and I don't think it's something that should really be eaten..

The dorayaki may be cute.. but..

.. the taste was disappointing. It was just jammed together with a little kaya. I don't think this should have been called dorayaki. It does not live up to the name!

Tiger Airways flight TR 455 from KL to Singapore.

The flight took about an hour. And we arrived at the budget terminal of Changi Airport. Ha! I never knew there was a budget terminal at Changi. Last year was all about luxury (flew with Singapore Airlines), and this year was all budget. I like luxury better by the way. -__-

Got out of the airport and headed towards Concorde Hotel (100 Orchard Rd) via the Changi Shuttle Service. It was SGD9.00 per person, max of 7 per shuttle.

Unloaded our baggage in our hotel room and then headed out for dinner. We just went downstairs to the food court. (The hotel is above a shopping centre. A pretty dead one. But the food court is always busy at the right times).

From Wu Tong Kee Roast Meat, Food court Le Meridien/Concorde Shopping Centre:

Wanton noodle soup with charsiu. SGD3.50 (~AUD3.82)
This is exactly how I like to eat my noodles. Soup separate. Hehe. The meat wasn't warm.. and I hate this type of noodle (like at the uni noodle shop where I last had food poisoning! - well, not quite exactly but it did make me sick for a while..). But apart from that, this was okay and filling enough.

Charsiu and roast pork rice. SGD3.50 (~AUD3.82)

And this place looked enticing.. Haha. There were too many to pick from! Over 50 different things to choose. Took us a while to decide. :D

Durian ice kachang SGD2.50 (~AUD2.73) and Durian bobur chacha SGD3.00 (~AUD3.27).

Ice kachang. All the goodies at the bottom.

Bobur Chacha. This consisted of sweet potato pieces, taro pieces, sago, jelly, coconut milk, ice and durian puree. Mmmm. My favourite things rolled into one dessert! :) Hehe. Mmm.. taro and sweet potatoes! :D

Then back up to our hotel room to rest for the night before I step foot out into Singapore yet again. It'd been over a year since I'd been here. And last time I was here in Singapore.. it was Chinese New Year. So sadly all the shops were closed.. :(

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