Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day 12: Yummy paus and corny love

Remember how I had these delicious pau from Singapore last year? Well, I think it was at Bao Luo Wan Xiang at Lau Pa Sat. But we found one in Plaza Singapura! It's only about 100m from our hotel too. Haha. Just across to the next block, past Istana Park and the presidential area, and there it was. Plaza Singapura. It was desolate and empty when I was there last year (because of Chinese New Year). This time it was packed full of people, lights, open stores and was always buzzing with life.


Bao Luo Wan Xiang, Plaza Singapura, B2. You can eat in or take-away.

Charsiu pau. SGD0.90 each (~AUD0.98 each). Mmm. Tastes just like how it was last time. The pau skin was soft and fluffy. :D

Large chicken and large pork pau. SGD1.50 each. (~AUD1.64 each)

Large chicken pau.

Large pork pau. Still tastes the same as last time! :) Yum yum.


Ajisen Ramen, Plaza Singapura #02-35

Bowls of fake food..
.. that look so nice and tempting. Haha.

Volcano ramen. SGD11.00++(++ = 10% service charge, 7% gst) (~AUD14.12)
It looked very very spicy. And apparently it was. Luckily it wasn't mine because I don't think I'd be able to stand that much chilli..

Hokkaido ramen. SGD11.00++ (~AUD14.12)
I loved this. It had so much corn!! Juicy sweet corn kernels with ramen. My new found favourite taste! I'm always going to add corn to my noodles now. :D I've fallen in love with corn. ;)

And this is what Concorde Hotel looks like. It looks nice on the inside, but the outside isn't much.

It was a pretty nice 4 star rating hotel. Good location too!

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