Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 13: I'd fly to Singapore just to eat you

Hokkaido dome,
Teochew popiah,
Green tea custard glutinous pancake,

... I'd fly to Singapore just to eat you.

Hello Hokkaido dome! Got this from BreadTalk in Plaza Singapura yesterday. Decided to buy it for breakfast.

To have with my green milk tea (compliments of the hotel).

Whole Hokkaido dome. SGD2.30 (~AUD2.51)
Looked and smelt good! It was pretty big as well. (About 20cm in diameter). Not sure how I was able to devour half of it for breakfast. Haha..

It was not quite bread and not quite cake. Very delicious.. especially when dipped into green milk tea. Mmmm.. I could eat this forever.

And this was the very start of our Hokkaido dome brekky. Haha :D

After a long day out here and there, we ventured to Bugis Junction to find my long craved for Teochew popiah. We bought a variety of food from the food area (basement 1) of Bugis Junction and brought it back to the hotel for dinner (as there was no seating areas around).

Yi Kou Wei, #B1-K03 Bugis Junction

Ingredients for Teochew popiah: turnip, carrot, beansprouts, lettuce, prawn, grated egg, dried beancurd, ground peanut, some type of ground dried fish, minced garlic, hoisin sauce and popiah skins (like a thin crepe).

Teochew popiah. SGD2.50 (~AUD2.73)

Look at the generous amount of fillings!

It was so full and packed that it wouldn't stay wrapped and kept falling apart. Who cares though! The taste was all that mattered! And I love their popiah! (Though, I could be quite biased. This was my second time having popiah, with the first time being last year from this exact same store. Haha)

SweetTalk, Bugis Junction

Mango pudding milk tea and almond pudding milk tea (both with pearls). SGD2.50 each (~AUD2.73 each).

The mango was nice because it had a mango taste. The almond one.. didn't taste that great. I could only taste the almond when I only had the pudding left in my cup. Oh well.

Takopachi, Bugis Junction.

They sell 3 varieties of takoyaki. Octopus, prawn and cheese & bacon.

Three pieces of octopus takoyaki (we bought 3 pcs of prawn takoyaki as well). SGD2.30 for 3pcs (~AUD2.51).

Prawn takoyaki. Every piece had a piece of prawn in the centre. And it was served with japanese mayonnaise and bonito flakes. Mm..

BBQ pepper polo bun from Crystal Jade My Bread, Bugis Junction.
SGD1.30 (~AUD1.42) but they charged us SGD1.40 (~AUD1.53) because they assumed it was BBQ polo bun which was that price. (We bought one of each. I wanted the pepper one). Couldn't be bothered telling them the incorrect charging (because they didn't look like they knew English that well and would probably not understand us and confuse the whole situation..) and just let them rip us off SGD0.10. Haha... -__-

So this was everything we bought from Bugis Junction.

The items from Crystal Jade My Bread (at the bottom), from left to right:
BBQ polo bun SGD1.40, Red bean omochi bun SGD1.40, BBQ pepper polo bun SGD1.30, Green tea custard glutinous pancake SGD1.00, Taro UFO bun SGD1.35.

We didn't consume everything that we had bought. (Because as you can see, there's a lot of food here..) Whatever was leftover will be for tomorrow.

And of course, another Hokkaido Dome from BreadTalk for brekky tomorrow. Haha~

Oh yeah. I saw this on the train back to the hotel..

I completely agree with the first one. Oh, how much do smelly people annoy me on my train line? Sigh sigh sigh.. Be clean before you get onto the train please! Especially during peak hour morning and evenings! I remember on a morning packed peak hour train once. It was only a few stops after mine before the train was completely cramped. This smelly man tries to get onto the train and pushes in, and this lady yells back in disgust about his smelliness. Haha. I was lucky to be sitting far away. But she shouted so loud that the whole train heard and snickered/laughed.

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