Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 14: B is for..

.. bread. And I love bread!

More bread today. Haha.

Hokkaido dome #2 for breakfast. With my green milk tea of course! (No photo because I was eager and hungry to eat breakfast)

The coasters in the hotel room. I don't know who Matthew Arnold is.

Heaven and Earth Chrysanthemum Green Tea. SGD1.00 (~AUD1.09) from Carrefour. Mmm..

The leftover bread items from last night.. I put them in my bag and we went out, so the bread buns are a bit squashed now. Heh..

Red bean omochi bun. It's a bread bun filled with red bean paste and some glutinous rice cake. It was an okay tasting combination actually.

Taro UFO bun.

A bread bun filled with very little taro paste..

Green tea glutinous rice cake with custard filling. It's green tea, so it's got to be good right?

Yup. I liked this very much. The green tea glutinous rice cake with the soft custard paste centre was a great combination for my taste buds! But then again, it could be because I like green tea products. Haha.. I am so biased.

Visited Merlion Park before heading to Suntec City Mall by foot. This was one of the places we didn't think to go to last year when all the shops were closed. :/

Lunch at Suntec Fountain Food Pavilion

Salmon hotplate + rice from Teppanyaki stall 12. SGD6.00 (~AUD6.54).
That's a really big slice of salmon! Very filling indeed. :)

Specialty duck rice from Braised duck stall 14. SGD3.80 (~AUD4.14)

And because we never tried this in Malaysia..

Cendol from Desserts stall 13. SGD1.80 (~AUD1.96)
What's different about this and ice kachang? Nothing much. Just the cendol/jelly like pieces I suppose..

And then we bumped into Mr. Bean on our way back from Bugis Junction. We went out the wrong exit of Dhoby Ghaut station so we walked around and found Mr Bean at Dhoby Ghaut Exchange.

Isn't he adorable?! :D

Bean pastries that I never bought. They looked good~

And even the cups were cute!

Pearly Bandung Soya Milk. SGD2.00 (~AUD2.18)
Not sure what bandung is still.. but it's pink! Kinda tasted like rose. A soy rose drink with pearls?

Bread from Four Leaves, Bugis Junction
3 mini breads (SGD0.65 each or 3 for SGD1.80 ~AUD1.96) and a Japanese steam cheese cake (SGD1.90 ~AUD2.07).

I ate that Japanese steam cheese cake at the airport when leaving Singapore. It was the best cheese cake that I have ever had. It was so light and fluffy! I'm thinking it was baked in a steam bath? Ah.. I've got to try making it one day! :D

Mini Si Ji Ping An. A mini apple shaped bread bun filled with some sort of berry jam? I'm still not quite sure..

Mini chicken and potato bun. Filled with a chicken/potato mixture. It was quite nice actually.

Mini tuna bun.

Bread items from BreadTalk, Bugis Junction.
Hokkaido dome (SGD2.30 ~AUD2.51) for tomorrow, Kaya Roulette Kaya (SGD1.40 ~AUS1.53), Curry Dozo (SDG1.50 ~1.64) and Apple King (SGD1.40 ~AUD1.53).

Curry Dozo. A fried donut like bread bun filled with curried meat and egg. Not sure what it tasted like, but it smelt of curry.

Apple King. A bread bun filled with custard and apple. Yummy!

Kaya Roulette Kaya. A bread bun filled with kaya. I'm not sure what's on the top, but it makes it sweet and sticky.. It was nice though.

That's a lot of bread right? Haha.. :P

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