Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 15: What I came to look for..

I initially thought the only Daiso that was accessible to me in Singapore was at VivoCity. But I found a Daiso in Plaza Singapura which was conveniently close to our hotel. Hehe. We still went to VivoCity anyway.

Lunch at Food Republic, VivoCity.

Java Kitchen :D

Nasi Kuning SGD6.00. (~AUD6.54)
The blob of spicy stuff on top of that slice of cucumber was too much for me. Too spicy!!

Nasi Rames Beef. SGD6.50 (~AUD7.09)

My food was so spicy that I needed something to cool my internal organs.

Honey red bean milk from Ice shop stall. SGD2.20 (~AUD2.40)
This was kinda disappointing.. It was very little and over priced. And the taste was average..

The seating area in Food Republic was quite dim. But it was a nice place though.

Very.. oldern authentic?

Minamoto Kichoan. -> Wagashi!

Yes, I came in search of wagashi. Mini Japanese cakes/sweets/etc. Found Minamoto Kichoan at Takashimaya Foodhall on Orchard Rd.

I only purchased 3 items. But you'll see them in the next post tomorrow. :P

We also bought some things for dinner:

Fish shaped pancakes from Mr. Obanyaki, Takashimaya B2. SGD1.30 each (~AUD1.42)

Chocolate filling. This one tastes better than the red bean one. Mmm.. like nutella. Haha.

Red bean filling.

Teochew popiah from Yi Kou Wei, Takashimaya B2. SGD2.50 (~AUD2.73)
I could see they didn't have prawns left. But I still bought some anyway. Look how small the popiah is? There's not much filling at all. And the taste was just not the same! I prefer the store in Bugis Junction. Even though this was the same store, same price, same food.. the taste just was not the same! Bugis Junction gives more for your dollar. :P

Oh. And this Durian cake (100gm) is horrible. SGD1.50 (~AUD1.64)
It's like glutinous rice cake. And the taste was just.. unpleasant. It tasted like plastic. Ha.. -__- Never eating this ever again. Never. Yuck.

Tomorrow is the last day in Singapore! :(

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