Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 16: Macarons, wagashi and farewell

Hokkaido dome brekky #4. One last time.

The contents of my green milk tea (courtesy of the hotel):

Macarons from Bakerzin, Paragon Mall #02-09. 6 macarons for SGD5.00 (~AUD5.45). It was a Feb promotion consisting of the prepacked 6 for SGD5.00 or 1 for SGD1.00.

I got these last night on the way back to the hotel from Takashimaya.

Such pretty colours! :D
I've never tried macarons before...

Here I go:

Peach. Chewy on the outside with a soft cake like centre and cream. Very peachy. It was a tad sweet for my liking though.

Japanese Lemon. I quite liked this. :)

Sakura. Mmm... I think this would be my favourite.


Coffee. I liked this one too.

Rose. Tasted like .. the roses in our garden (well, smells like them. Lychee-like.) Mmm..

No more! Haha. I like the sakura, Japanese lemon and rose ones. :D I wouldn't advise consuming so many macarons at once. I just wanted to taste test them all (I only had half of each macaron). Hehe. Now when I try and make macarons, I'll know what they're like. :)

And this is what I purchased from Minamoto Kichoan, Takashimaya B2:

Oribe Nishiki, Sakura Mochi and Tenka Taihei. SGD2.60 each (~AUD2.83)

Sakura mochi.
Red bean paste covered with glutinous rice and wrapped in a sakura leaf. The sakura leaf gave a distinct taste. Quite interesting.

Tenka taihei.
Reminded me of a mooncake, but filled with chestnut/red bean paste.

Oribe nishiki.
This was.. practically the same as the fish one. :(

Japanese steam cheese cake from Four Leaves. I got this the other day but never got the chance to eat it. It was really delicious though! So light and fluffy! Yummy! I've really got to try and make this one day.

Changi Airport Terminal 1.

Jetstar flight JQ62 to Melb via Darwin. Farewell Singapore! :(

I'll be back when the economy is better.. :D

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