Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 8: Ripping a tourist off?!

I was very annoyed. To think that they would rip a tourist off? And argue back? Gee!

But I'll get to that later.

Firstly, here's breakfast. I wanted hot tea. Not warm or cold tea. I wanted to burn my insides as I had a sore throat still.

So I had congee. Though, it was never hot hot. :(

Then some solid food..

Nearly burnt toast. Mmm.. I toasted them twice. :P

Strawberry and apricot jam. Why are they of two consistencies? One is like a syrup. One is like jelly. Haha. I liked the apricot. Mmm..

Tried finding something hot. This is the soup that was meant for the noodles in the noodle section.

Sweet bread bun and pandan custard danish (this was the first time I saw this so I had to try it)

I had a mini slice. Haha. It tasted okay, but I didn't eat any more than that tiny bit. XD

And the papaya came back! Haha.

Oh. And these were my attempts at finding hot tea. As you can see.. it was unsuccessful all 4 times. I think the staff started to wonder why this girl kept getting tea and not drinking it. Haha.. Your own fault for not providing me with HOT tea!!

Before the Batu Caves tour we explored Berjaya Times Square, and then I had that chocolate mantou for lunch.

I still prefer the pandan one better. :( But it was still good. A steamed bun, is a steamed bun still! And I love them. :)

The tour guide dropped us off at a Chinese temple first.

Then we headed to the Batu Caves Indian temple.

We got the driver to drop us off at Pavilion mall, where we had dinner at.. guess where? Food Republic. Haha. And this was what I was referring to at the start of this post.

We ordered a beef noodle soup and chicken tom yum. She charged us for a prawn tom yum (which costed more). And even when we told the lady, she would just angrily/in an unfriendly manner say back "RM8.30". It just didn't make sense whatsoever and we tried telling her multiple times but she wouldn't budge. We decided she wanted to rip us off. It's nice to know that you rip off tourists. We never ate there ever again (though we were leaving KL soon anyway). Don't eat there. I'm still annoyed by it. GRR.

Beef noodle soup. RM7.90 (~AUD3.63)

Chicken tom yum. Supposed to be RM7.90 as well. But she charged us RM8.30. I know the difference isn't much, but that isn't the point. The point is that they overcharged us and wouldn't change their mistake. As stupid as it sounds, I'm angry about that (even though it's not even my food). I hold grudges, and I will hold a grudge against Rama9 Thai Food @ Food Republic, Pavilion mall. Believe it.

I bought some yoghurt from Mercato whilst we where at Pavilion. We also witnessed a funny sight while we were in the supermarket. There were these Chinese tourists that raided the chocolates and coffee aisles. They came in, grabbed baskets and trolleys straight away. Then one of them asked a staff member where the chocolates and coffee were. Then the raid started. Haha. It was hilarious to all staff and customers within the store. Haha. :D

Lychee and strawberry yoghurt. RM1.60 (~AUD0.74)
It was.. just like normal strawberry yoghurt with a slight lychee scent. Nothing interesting really.

But I liked how it came with the spoon. Hehe.

Oh. And this is the water that's provided by the hotel that we drank (apart from the Spritzer water that we'd purchase from convenience stores/supermarkets).

The reason why I'm showing this is because it's not mineral water. It's just purified water. The bottle says: This drinking water is produced by applying the latest technology, whereby the tap water is passed through the 10 stages reverse osmosis filtration system. I've never heard of reverse osmosis filtration before.

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  1. i shall also ban them! though i never go to pavilion he-he