Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 7: Satisfied my craving

I've had a craving for pak thong koh or something similar to it (like the Vietnamese bánh bò) for a while now.

Pak thong koh. RM0.60 (~AUD0.28)
This was from Chinatown. Mmmm.

For breakfast, it was congee yet again!

And some fruit. This time they had pineapple instead of papaya.


And pandan chiffon cupcakes!

Mmm. Pandan fragrant.

We headed to Lake gardens after breakfast. Spent about 3hrs there hiking. Haha. There was construction half way into the gardens so we couldn't walk pass to the other side. :(

I saw this sign. And this was what was behind it, over the bridge..

Hahaha. Roast duck anyone?

Then we walked to Chinatown (thus I satisfied my craving. Hehe). Other things from the Petaling St area:

Curry puff with egg. RM1.20 (~AUD0.55)

Husband and wife cakes (low gong and low poh beng). RM1.60 each (~AUD0.74)
This was what I regret buying from that store.

Wife cake.

Husband cake. Basically both the same apart from the fact that this one contains sesame on the inside as well as on the outside. The filling just tastes like koh fun (fried glutinous rice flour) to me! :( I didn't like these.

Chocolate mantou. RM1.00 (~AUD0.46)
From the same stall that sold the pandan one. It was just that they didn't have any pandan ones left. :(

Oh. We also had some drinks from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Low Yat Plaza before we headed back to the hotel. I've never purchased anything from their Melbourne stores. I think there's one near uni as well :D.

Red bean ice blend (M). RM12.00+ (~AUD5.52+5%)
Cinnamon coffee ice blend (L). RM13.50+ (~AUD6.21+5%)
Mmmm. Both were nice but I like the cinnamon coffee. Mmmm. Cinnamon! :D

And back at the hotel, we had some noodle bowls. We didn't bother going out to find dinner as it was raining buckets all of a sudden. So we just purchased some noodle bowls from Quick & Easy convenience store which is next to the hotel. Haha.

RM3.20 each (~AUD1.47 each).

Satisfying enough for dinner. I like Maggi noodles. :P

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