Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 6: Woks and a few pau

Pancakes again. :) .. and sunnyside up egg on wholemeal toast.

And fruit of course!

Lunch from Hot Wok in Oasis foodcourt, MidValley mall:

Ginger beef rice. RM5.90 (~AUD2.71)
I like ginger. Hehe. This was really nice and filling as well. :)
I also like the concept of eating out of a mini wok. Hehe~

Cantonese kway teow. RM5.90 (~AUD2.71)

And then some pau for dinner, from Baoz at Low Yat Plaza.

Baoz wonderland. RM1.90 (~AUD0.88)
A steamed pau filled with custard and corn. Yummy!

Open Sesame. RM1.90 (~AUD0.88)
A steamed pau filled with black sesame paste. Mmm..

And Shanghai Beach. 3 small pcs for RM3.20 (~AUD1.47)
Deep fried pau with chicken/pea filling. This was.. not right! Pau are not meant to be fried! (This wasn't mine anyway. I tasted it and didn't like it though). This would have been better just plain steamed. Why do people go and ruin things by deep frying them?? All that oil. Yuck!

I love pau. Steamed pau! Not deep fried!


  1. omg kway teow in restaurants here are 15+ argh!
    so cheap!
    i LOVE kway teow!

  2. MMMM! A store that specializes in pau!!!! That's amazing! Wish there was one near me. I, too, prefer the steamed ones.