Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day 5: Back to Chinatown and a riverside restaurant

I never noticed these signs in the hotel. Haha. I still don't know what mangosteens taste like. I know what they look like but I never tried them still.

Another day, another bowl of congee. Haha. I was starting to feel sick so congee was good for me.

And some fruit..

Some pecans and dried apple too. (They were from the salad section. Haha)

This is not my breakfast:

There's a chef making omelettes on demand. I never had any during my time there.

And there were noodles as well. Which apparently didn't taste that nice.

Back at Petaling St (Chinatown) for lunch:

Yummy pandan mantou. RM1.00 (~AUD0.46)
Nice and soft with pandan flavour (the green layers). I love steamed buns! This is from the same place that sold the siew pau that I mentioned the day before.

Han tan. RM1.30 (~AUD0.60)
This was.. like a mooncake. With lotus like paste and salted egg. I tried a bit and didn't like it.

Wu gok. RM1.30 (~AUD0.60).
This was nice and not as oily as the ones I've had in Yum Cha places.

Some of the goods from a store nearby:

Didn't buy anything from there on this day though. I did go back a few days later (in which I regret buying what I bought)

We had purchased a Thai dragonfruit from Mercato (a supermarket) in Pavilion the other night.

RM4.39 (~AUD2.02).
Isn't it pretty?? :D It was quite big aswell!
We bought some plastic knives and cut it open back in our hotel room. Haha.

Then we scooped all the flesh out! Yummy! This one was nice and sweet too. :)

Then we headed off for a tour to see the fireflies in Kuala Selangor. The tour guide took us to a riverside restaurant for dinner, which was included in the tour. It costed over AUD100+ overall which I did not think was worth it at all.

After about a 2-3hr drive (there were traffic jams and road blocks due to the Tour de Langkawi Malaysia), we arrived to have dinner here.

Chilli chicken, veggies and chicken and sweet and sour fish. Served with rice. Shared between 4. (We shared with 2 Vietnamese ladies from San Fransisco). I quite liked the sweet and sour fish..

As you can see from all of these photos, hygeine wasn't all that good. But the food was okay. Just like food from home cooked by parents. It was probably really cheap too..

At least the view was good. The sun had set as we finished. Then off to see the fireflies we went.

We booked from Viator. The fireflies were amazing, but the boat ride to see them was only 25mins. Overall, I wouldn't recommend the tour at that price. It's cheaper if you book from the hotel as well. I suggest not to pre-book..

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