Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 4: Street eats (Petaling St/Chinatown)

Happy Valentine's day! (if you celebrate such a day. Though, we all know it's quite a gimmick, right? Haha :P).

Found this in our hotel room when we got back at night. Haha. It's a giant heart choc chip cookie. Didn't dare eat it cos we didn't know why it was there, how long it was made or what was actually in it. XD

This was what I had for breakfast:

Congee with sweet soy sauce, black bean/fried dace and fried anchovies.

Fruit salad with plain yoghurt and vanilla sauce.

Then we headed towards Jalan Petaling (Petaling St, otherwise known as Chinatown). And like any other Chinatown (apart from the one in Melbourne..) there's street food!

Mmm.. all that yummy looking food!

Siew pau. RM1.50 (~AUD0.69)

It was a crisp baked flaky casing with charsiu, peas, etc. And it was quite big aswell!

Smiling/laughing cookie. RM1.20 (~AUD0.55)
Not sure what this was like because I never tried it.

There was this old man selling and making these at this table.

Ban chien kueh. RM0.80 a piece (~AUD0.37).
This was the yummiest! It's a pancake with sugar/peanut filling. He makes it on the spot (and I witnessed some hygeine issues when I was saw him coughing madly above the pan one day.. so we did not buy it that time.). It was crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. The taste was amazing! I loved this! It seems very simple to make as well. I'll try making this one day. Hehe :)

Air mata kucing. A sweet drink with longans. RM1.20 (~AUD0.55). I think there's a store either in MidValley Mall or Sogo as well (can't remember which it was). The same one. I know because I saw the same guy working there. Haha.

Nonya kueh! :D

Onde onde. RM1.60. (~AUD0.74)
It was quite humid. So after walking around, I think the heat kinda melted the insides of this onde onde.

See? It's all liquid now. I don't think it's supposed to be like this. It's supposed to have gula melaka (palm sugar) in the centre, surrounded by glutinous rice cake and coated in coconut. Still yummy I supposed.. but that's because I love glutinous rice/rice cakes. Haha.

Angku kueh. RM1.60 (~AUD0.74)
Glutinous rice cake with a mung bean filling. Mmm..

Kueh serimuka. RM1.60 (~AUD0.74)
This was my favourite. The pandan (green) layer was soft and sweet whilst the glutinous rice (which is dyed blue in some parts) was slightly salty. Together the combination created a really nice taste. I loved this! I can try and make it one day. Hehe

Kueh dadar. RM1.60 (~AUD0.74)
A pandan pancake with coconut/palm sugar filling.

Pulut inti. RM1.60 (~AUD0.74)
Glutinous rice with palm sugar/coconut topping.

Kueh koci. RM1.60 (~AUD0.74)
Pandan glutinous rice cake with palm sugar/coconut filling.
This and the previous 2 taste very similar. Then again, nonya kueh all use these similar ingredients. It's either glutinous rice, glutinous rice flour, pandan, palm sugar and/or coconut. Whatever it is, I still love them. ;)

And then dinner, back at Food Republic, Pavilion Mall.

Yong tau foo set B. 4 yong tau foo + cheong fun. RM6.50 (~AUD2.99)

And my dinner from You Tiao:

Set A: Congee + you tiao. RM3.90 (~AUD1.79).
The congee was really nice. It wasn't plain like I thought. It had some anchovies or something in it. Cheap, tasty and filling. There's always a line of people at this stall.

Some star at Sungei Wang Plaza.

Crowds on Jalan Bukit Bintang and surrounding streets. Is this because it was Saturday night? Or because it was Valentine's Day?

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