Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 3: Cheap eats

Breakfast (breakfast buffet at Sunflowers Brasserie, The Royale Bintang Hotel KL):

Pancakes with maple syrup and vanilla sauce, sunny side up egg on wholemeal toast.
The pancakes were really soft and fluffy. They were delicious with the maple/vanilla sauce (the vanilla sauce was meant for the bread and butter pudding and was in a different section. Haha)

Fruit salad with plain yoghurt and vanilla sauce.

The plain yoghurt wasn't tasteful so I added the vanilla sauce to it. Which made it a whole lot better! :D

Berry danish, custard danish and sweet bread bun at the back. The danish were okay. I liked the custard one better.

Custard polo bread from Bee's Bakery, The Curve mall. RM2.00 (~AUD0.92)
It was just a normal polo bread bun with some custard on the top.

Dinner at Food Republic, Pavilion mall in Bukit Bintang:

Nasi lemak with pandan chicken. RM7.90 (~AUD3.64)

I tried some of this and liked it more than my own plate. :( Mmm.. nasi lemak. Especially yummy with the fried anchovies.

Nasi goreng ayam (chicken). RM7.30 (~AUD3.36)

This was a bit spicy for me.. and the chicken wasn't warm (which I think actually made me sick). It was okay though. And I was unlucky and dropped the prawn off my plate, so I didn't get a chance to eat it. It was still shelled, but I didn't dare eat it after I dropped it. (Though it wouldn't have mattered because who knows what they do behind the kitchen anyway)

And dessert!:
Piling the ice shavings

Adding the toppings

ABC (air batu campur or ice kachang) durian. RM4.75 (after tax) (~AUD2.19)

A mountain of shaved ice with 3 different sweet syrups (green, brown, red), served with sweet corn kernels and durian puree. And a few other things hidden at the bottom of all that.

I think it was some seaweed and other jelly like items. It was quite nice, especially after my spicy goreng.

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