Saturday, July 6, 2013

I'm still here

It's been a while since I've blogged. I haven't really been doing much baking/cooking lately.. I've been busy. As per usual, working, traveling, eating. :P

I'm getting back into fattening my workmates up again. :P

This was the last thing I made, which didn't work out the way I wanted it to because I wasn't in the right frame of mind. Haha.. It was supposed to be for N, but it was incomplete and I was too ashamed of it. I'm sorry! :( It's a mini lychee cake with coconut custard and jackfruit.

I should really get back into my baking and blogging. But I've been preoccupying myself with other things when I'm not working. I've been sewing biscuit cushions, painting babushka dolls, trying to interior decorate my house etc.

I made the rectangular cushion a year ago. The round ones are unfinished as I've yet to sandwich them with jam. :P (And no. I didn't make Gingy)

Testing out 3D latte art. Hehe~ Ever since finding cute latte art in Japan, I've been trying to find more. Unfortunately there isn't really anywhere that does it. :( I'm going to attempt a bunny next time!

I painted these babushkas, my style. :P
Behind is my origami bakery and a sushi cushion that I made a few years ago. I was supposed to make a whole bento box with chopsticks, but I only ever ended up making 4 sushi cushions because I ran out of material and could no longer be bothered. Haha

I guess the main reason I haven't been baking is because I have too many things I want to make, that I just get confused about what I really want to do. Or if I'm in a bad mood, I generally can't bake because I know things will just get worse. I do believe that your mood affects your baking.

Hopefully I can attempt a pandan chiffon cake sometime soon. I've been wanting to make one for a while now. I bought a chiffon pan a few months back and still haven't used it. Haha... I really do have too much bakeware.

Stay tuned. It'll happen.

In the mean time, I bought more cookbooks to salivate over.

(I shouldn't even be awake at the moment. Haha.. It's nearly 5am. I did sleep, but I woke up an hour ago..)

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