Monday, October 1, 2012

Snowskin mooncakes

My snowskin mooncakes were better this year. I only made 8 taro and 8 green tea [using 2 packets of taro paste and 2 cans of Wu Chung green tea paste because KFL didn't have the green tea lotus paste :(.]. I had quite of bit of snowskin dough left because I rolled it out thinly this year (unlike the rustic ones I made once.. haha).... Well, I'll make them into dumplings, I guess?

I changed the dough recipe a bit and it gave me a softer texture that doesn't harden so quickly, even with refrigeration (in an airtight container). :D

Improved snowskin ingredient proportions:
80g tang mien flour
260g koh fun
245g icing sugar
65g vegetable shortening
350ml warm water

I'm getting a bit tired of my mooncake designs though. I need to hunt for more! Hehe

I'm also quite satisfied with my baked mooncakes, apart from the filling. The filling was a tad dry, but the skin turned out well. If you wrap them in glad wrap once they're cooled completely, the mooncakes will maintain it's moisture and appear glossy too. Refrigeration doesn't hurt them either! Next year, I'll fill them with something else.

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