Saturday, April 10, 2010

I want this!

Measuring cups, babushka style by Fred. I want them! I walked past it the other day, retailing at about $27 at a shop. I saw. I stopped. I stared. I slowly walked away. :(


  1. i saw them today for $17 something at melbourne central at the kings of knives?? (cant remember but its next to sportsgirl)
    i read this post of yours and when i saw them i was like I MUST TELL LINDA!! haha
    still pretty expensive for measuring cups i say..but on the bright side its 10 bucks cheaper?

  2. Awesome! Thanks Trinh! Haha. Yeah, they are a bit expensive for measuring cups but they're so cool! I'm a sucker for these things unfortunately. I'll check them out next time I pass through MC. The ones I saw were at HP. -__-

  3. i didn't know you wanted it. i got it without knowing. you didn't already have it before i got it for you, did you??

  4. Haha.. nope. I was still contemplating it. :P But I thanks you muchly for them! (I haven't used them yet though)