Saturday, April 10, 2010

Going bananas

I made banana cupcakes for a workmate. I finished work at 5pm, got home by around 5.30pm and started making them.

In order to put the frosting on, I needed the cupcakes to cool. So into the fridge they went. Hmm.. slightly cooled. So I topped them with cream cheese frosting, and then with a slice of banana. Unfortunately, the banana condensed and went a bit gooey on top. I would have topped it with dried banana instead, but I didn't get time to pop out to buy some. Oh well. :(

I hope the cupcakes were okay. And that your friends enjoyed them and the message they were supposed to convey. ;)

But I think in future, I need more than 1.5hrs to make them.. They really do need the time to cool by themselves before the toppings can be added. >_<

Lesson learnt. :)

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