Monday, March 15, 2010

Red velvet cupcakes

Be careful when eating red velvet cupcakes. Hehe. Your teeth can go red. :P If you don't know what red velvet cupcakes are, it's just red dyed chocolate cake. Haha. I know others are creating blue velvet and green velvet now. Why not? You can have any coloured cupcake you want! Haha.

My first time making red velvet cupcakes.

With vanilla buttercream frosting.

It didn't look that red under low lighting. But hey, the colour turned out pretty good and I didn't use that much food colouring! Wee~ Haha. I've heard of people using up to 1-2 bottles.. :S

Packed a box of red velvet cupcakes and florentines for a birthday girl. :) Hope you liked them!

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  1. Red velvet is sooo much more than just red dyed chocolate cake :)