Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bento for you, bento for me!

I love bento boxes. I want to buy some more when I head over to Asia in a few months! Love them! :D

I made nigiri and prawn handrolls. The secret to the prawn handrolls is to put lots of pepper with the mayonnaise. I discovered this taste when I bought sushi during my work lunch break, and now I'm not satisfied with any other prawn handrolls elsewhere! There's just no pepper! I love pepper! Haha.

I packed a bento for my sister to take to work and packed myself one to bring to uni. Though, I didn't end up having time to eat it well until.. 5.30pm.. -__- I had an ophthalmologist visit, which was quite interesting.

Mmm. I love making sushi. Hopefully I can buy some nicer


  1. wow! i really love your blog =) i stumbled upon it and found it really coincidental that i had a post on bentos amidst all the baked goods too!

  2. I found you on backtype.com! I love bento making too! Your sushi looks fabulous! :o)