Sunday, April 5, 2009

When drinks outweigh food

When it comes to birthdays, there's got to be food, drinks and cake.

@ Phoenix Bar - 82 Flinders St, Melbourne.

This was the cake:

I think it was a Monte Carlo mousse cake from Laurent.
Chocolate mousse, creme brulee coffee on top of a chocolate flourless biscuit, with a milk chocolate and dark chocolate glaze. And coffee beans! :D

It was nice, but a bit too much mousse for my liking. Small servings are good when it comes to mousse cakes. It was a gigantic cake. Very large slab.. very very large. Expect to feel sick if you consume it all yourself.

The food (you should never drink without food in your stomach!):

Spring rolls.

Pigs in a blanket. (Sausage wrapped in puff pastry)


And last but not least, the drinks:

Vodka sunrise.

Vodka and lime.

Vodka and mango nectar.

Gin and tonic.

Straight vodka & vodka and orange juice.

Different bartenders make the drinks differently. Sometimes the drinks are stronger, weaker, served more neatly..etc. But I suppose, a drink is a drink and variation is good? Well, a lot of drinks were consumed by all (that aren't all pictured), so of course you'd know the aftermath of it. Haha. Alcoholics. Tsk tsk.

I hope you had a great night Tracy! Once again, happy birthday!! :)

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