Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This is what I get for being lazy

Well, I was too lazy to step out of the building to get food (I never left that building for the whole time I was at uni today. Haha). So I asked L to get me a sushi handroll as she was heading in that direction. When she came back, this was what I got..


It's from Plush Sushi in Union House, Melb Uni. And it was $1.70.

Apparently, they didn't have any handrolls. (Which was weird because it was the start of lunch..). So this was a compromise. L said she got me this California roll. It doesn't look like one. California rolls don't look like this, right?

It had avocado, salmon, prawn and unagi (eel). My favourites for sushi. Haha. It was quite nice. I liked it. But. Not quite worth $1.70 for lunch though. :S

I should have just gone to Sushi Sai across the road. Oh well.

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