Friday, March 27, 2009

Bamboo charcoal

I stopped by BreadTop in Melbourne Central on my way home and bought some bread.

A bamboo charcoal roll to try and my usual favourite taro buns.

Bamboo charcoal roll. ($2.00)
A bread roll supposedly made from bamboo charcoal with a garlic butter topping. The bread roll itself did not have any taste to it and all you can taste is the garlic butter. It was basically like garlic bread. It was.. very oily by the time I had gotten it home. The taste was nice (if you like garlic bread. Though, I like the bamboo charcoal bread that I had in Kuala Lumpur more. It had a slight sweetness to it and was plain without toppings.)

The sign on the shelf/windows read "Bamboo Charcoal is produced with 4 years old fully grown bamboo tree. Rich in vitamin C, iron and phosphorus. Ease digestive system, helps discharging impurities and unhealthy substances from stomach."

I did a google search, and found a short video clip on bamboo charcoal. Follow the link to watch. I'm not sure if there's scientific evidence that supports the benefits of bamboo charcoal or not though.. It could all just be a conspiracy?

Taro buns. ($3.90 for 6).
The price of the taro buns has inflated slightly, and they don't taste as good as they used to be either. I still like them, but the taro paste didn't taste as nice and there wasn't much inside the bread bun either.

And for dinner..

Nissin miso ramen with corn, bean shoots and fish tofu. Yum yum! :) I love corn with ramen~ Hehe. And fish tofu! :D


  1. That bamboo charcoal roll looks intense! I'm going to look for it in my neck of the woods (California). Thanks for sharing!

  2. yeh! i eventually did try the bamboo charcoal bread at breadtop!
    and yes i agree! it totally tasted like garlic bread so i didnt complain about it cuz i like garlic bread...
    but now that you've said it is actually different to other bamboo charcoal bread i really wanna try!!

    and yeh taro buns are my fave too! as well as the pork floss heehee

  3. I must try the charcoal bread and taro buns! Thanks for introducing me :)

  4. Hey there,

    OK, so this might seem like a weird question, but i'm hunting everywhere for a recipe for black charcoal bread. It's not sold in New York, where I live, but I'd really love to try it. Would you happen to know of any recipes for it, or maybe have an idea of someone else that I can ask? I'm dying to try and bake this bread! I actually would love to try the sweeter kind, but any kind would be OK. let me know if you have any ideas! I'm also a girl with a passion for baking. You can email me at nanditablogs (at) gmail (dot) com or just leave a comment on my blog. Hope to hear from you!