Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 1: Departure to arrival

Air Asia flight D7 2723 from MEL to KL.

The flight was about 8hrs long. I didn't pre-purchase nor bought any airline food because I had the muffins that I had made the day prior. The food did smell nice though!

Here's their inflight menu:

Got out of LCCT (low cost carrier terminal) by about 7pm.

Was too tired to search for proper food in Bukit Bintang so we just got some Maggi noodle bowls and some bottles of water from a Quick & Easy convenience store near the hotel.

The goreng was too spicy for me so I had the tom yum instead. Haha. XD
Cost of dinner? RM3 for each noodle bowl which equates to less than AUD1.50.

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