Sunday, August 5, 2012

Reunited again

There comes a time.. when you're feeling your age. Or older, in my situation. At the moment, I've woken up and gotten ready for work an hour too early. -___-

My memory is failing me too.

Back in July, I went to Spotlight, and found a Wilton 3D bear pan set that I wanted. The price tag read $74.95. 'Oh wow. That's a bit pricey. I'll get it next time.. or if the price goes down?'

So I hopped online to find one. There were heaps on ebay, but still a bit pricey when you add shipping costs (it works out just about the same). But then I found a mini version. And I purchased one. It ....... never came. Complete devastation. I'm still waiting for it. The seller seemed nice at first, communicating to my queries. But now they've just completely disappeared. The item no longer appears in my history. Ebay says the item no longer exists and that I can't even leave feedback. Great. Just. Great. There goes my trust for buying off ebay!

FYI. This is the item and it's seller. Click here.

Two months onto the present, Spotlight had half price an item for VIP members. I'm a member, but from long long ago. In fact, my membership card no longer worked so I had to sign up again. Haha.

I thought this was a good chance to finally get the cake pan! But...... I forgot which Spotlight I saw it in. -__-

When I first stepped into Spotlight #1, it didn't feel right. The layout of the store didn't seem right, and I couldn't find it anyway. I asked a staff member and she said they never sold such a thing. And so I left to go to Spotlight #2. Again, when I stepped inside this store, it didn't feel right. I couldn't find it. So I asked a staff member in that isle, and he was the greatest in customer service ever! I showed him a photo I took of the product when I first saw it in Spotlight (as I did with the other lady), and he said it was definitely a Spotlight product. He proceeded to search and called Spotlight #3 if they had it. He even offered to order it in for me!

And YES! They had it! My memory had failed me. It was Spotlight #3 all along!!

It was price tagged as $74.95 still. But it scanned up as $60. Thus, I got it for $30! Yay! Extremely happy with that! :D I can't wait to make Mr Panda! OH, and attempt Mr Teddy Bear too. (Although I need to buy a Wilton #233 grass tip to make Teddy Bear's fur.. I'll hit the shops before I ever attempt to purchase online again).

I'll still wait in hopes for my mini cake pan. Then I can make a baby for the bigger bear. *fingers crossed*

---- update 7pm
I went to Matchbox on my lunch break. Bought 4 Wilton icing tips. A pack with #233 (grass tip) and #47 (basket weave tip), and a pack with #5 (small round tip) and #18 (star tip). $5.95 each pack. Or $3.95 each tip. It was the last pack with #233. Hehe :D.

Well, I actually didn't really need #5 or #47, but thought it was more worth it if I did. Man, I'm such a sucker when buying things like this..
Oh. I also stopped by House on my way back to work.. and their #233 tip itself was ~$4.99...  o_o. I'm glad I stopped by Matchbox first! :) Sigh. I wish I were in the United States. The tips are about $1-2 each. -__-

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