Sunday, February 21, 2010

C is for cupcake

Cupcake culture. Oh, how I wish to one day own my own little cupcake store. But by the time I do, cupcake culture will no longer be 'in'. They're already blooming these past few years.

Cupcakes on Pitt, Pitt St Sydney.

A cute little cupcake boutique. One very similar to the one I wish to one day own..

Sold in little adorable carry cases, who could resist? I went in there once, but refrained from buying any. But walking along Pitt St and seeing people carrying these made me want them even more. Haha. Easy advertising for them.

Cheesecake and chocolate brownie cupcakes.

Ah, so many flavours to pick from. So I tried to pick the best looking ones.

Vanilla sundae and carrot cupcakes.

I ate the carrot one and brought the vanilla sundae one back home.

It did come back in one piece, although the toppings were 5% disrupted when it went through the customs check at the airport. :(

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