Thursday, January 21, 2010

Acquiring an expensive taste

Do you know what this is?

It's a durian. Haha. An exotic Asian fruit, and an acquired taste. If you like it, you like it. If you don't, you don't. I personally like it. I've eaten it as a child, so I don't mind it. People say there's a pungent smell from it, but I don't smell that. I think it smells nice? Haha. Like I said, it's an acquired everything.

Weirdly enough, Woolworths has been stocking durians. Unfortunately for them, they don't know how to store them properly. I mean, they're frozen in the first place, but they don't even refrigerate them on shelf so they go off.. I've seen a few moulding at times, and bugs crawling... GROSS!

It's pretty expensive if you think about it. I decided to analyse its fruit content.

I took the flesh out of its 4 compartments and weighed it.

823g of durian flesh.
Now, this weight includes it's seeds. Which would probably weigh 100g give or take.
The whole durian was 2.597kg - 823g of flesh = 1.774kg of inedible durian carcass! O_O
So basically, you pay about $7.06 for the shell only! So only $3.28 is edible. Actually, not even. It's less than that after you remove the seeds.

So there you go. Durian is an expensive fruit. Buy it only if you like it. Eat it whenever you can. :P


  1. Oh my...maybe you shouldn't have done that calculation!

  2. Harika bir lezzet!ne olduğunu çok merak ettim?

  3. Mmmm Durian. It is like eating custard in an outhouse.


  4. What does it taste like??? I can't wrap my head around custard in an outhouse!

  5. It smells horrible but does taste like custard. It might be the weirdest fruit on the planet and was featured on National Geographic's "Taboo" show once :)

  6. So the flesh content of that durian was 31.7%. I purchased another one today and luckily for me, the flesh was 44.3%! Hehe. But still. Over half of the weight is inedible! :(

  7. Did you remember to subtract the weight of the bowl that held the fruit? That could make a difference...

  8. Of course. That's what the "tare" function is for..

  9. I wonder if one can peel it in the shop and just pay for the insides? If I buy grapes, I pick them from the stems...yep, I'm that frugal. My auntie pulls the brocoli head from the stalk...may as well peel the bananas too hehe.