Monday, July 6, 2009

It's been a while..

So.. I am back.

I'd been craving to bake and cook so much. It doesn't help when MasterChef is on television 6 days of the week. I didn't watch the first few episodes but I've been following it since (give or take an episode, but I can always watch it online anyway). I want to make a croquembouche. I'd love to spin sugar. And I don't care if I get burns!

They made macarons in tonight's episode. My first attempt at macarons failed miserably. I blame the cookie press that I tried to use. Stupid me. I do intend on trying it again.. soon. Poh's macaron's looked so pretty, but overbaked! Sounded a bit too crunchy.. Haha.

But. I nearly gave up at one point though. The passion I once had for baking.. seemed to fade away. I won't go into my personal issues though. Let's just say, that I'm easing back into this. It's difficult considering there's another issue. Why, I'm full of issues, aren't I? -__-

Anyway, here's what I've been doing.

Lemon and blueberry yoghurt muffins.

Semi dried apple slices. Sliced and baked in the oven for 30-40mins. No need to add anything! Just bake! Yum yum.

Mushroom risotto with tomato, spinach and capsicum.

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