Sunday, May 17, 2009

Apricot oat slice

Using the same recipe as I made last time (see apricot oat snowballs), the mixture did turn out a little dry. (Depending on how many apricots you have and how much they soaked up the water, as well as the size of your egg.)

Here are some tips:
- Heat the honey so that it is less viscous. Allow to cool (can be warm) before using.
- When you drain the apricots, save the water from it. I had to add about 2 tbsp of the water to wet my mixture more.

It should be fine this way. :)

For recipe, click here.

Before baking:

Sprinkled with dessicated coconut, and pressed down:

Out from the oven:

Sliced when warm:

Tastes just the same as last time, but in slice form. :D
Still no added fats, oils, butter, and little sugar. Still healthier~

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  1. Hey! I stumbled upon ur blog when googling for bamboo charcoal buns heheee! now ur blog is making me hungry!