Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Preserved rose plum

A few months ago, I bought some preserved fruit from an Asian grocer. (It was at the same time that I had purchased the roasted green peas to make the green pea cookies for CNY). So it had just been sitting in the cupboard since then.

Preserved waxberry (128gm) and preserved rose plum (128gm). I think it costed about $2 each from KFL.

'You are the new man'. Hahaha

'Usage: To be taken directly'. Sounds like some type of medicine..??

Mmm. There was a nice sweet rose smell when I opened the package. Oh, and there were 16 rose plums in the packet. I have to say though, that it smelt better than it tasted.

They weren't pitted unfortunately. But nevertheless, still good. It wasn't too sweet nor strong in flavour. It tasted good. I still love the scent of it better though. There are so many things in life that smell better than they taste. I could survive on these scents. Like the smell of freshly baked goods.. Mmm.

Though, the pip is quite large if you compare it to the plum..

I'll try the waxberry some other day. I also bought a packet of dried sweet potato strips the other week from Springvale. I love them (but I love roasted sweet potatoes more of course!). But.. I had one unfortunate event of buying horribly plastic tasting ones from an Asian grocer in the city last year. I just can't remember which brand it was that tasted good and which brand tasted horrendously bad. I hope I had bought the right brand.. Seriously, the plastic tasting one was really sickening.. I had to basically throw the whole packet out! Wasted my $3 or so. Sigh.

Oh. And I know I haven't baked/cooked for a while. It's driving me insane. I really shouldn't be baking.. I'm trying my best to resist the urge to (because we have so much food in the house already). I can't stand it though. I have to bake something. I'm going to bake cookies and muffins sometime soon.. I have to!

Ok. Umm. I did a google search on 'preserved rose plum' and found this..

Apparently.. a year ago, the U.S FDA (Food, drug and adminstration) recalled this product due to sulphites found that weren't declared on the product.

The consumption of 10 milligrams of sulfites per serving has been reported to elicit severe reactions in some asthmatics. Anaphylactic shock could occur in certain sulfite sensitive individuals upon ingesting 10 milligrams or more of sulfites.

No illnesses have been reported to date to this Department in connection with this product. Consumers who have purchased "Preserved Rose Plum" should return it to the place of purchase.

Well.. luckily I'm not asmathic.

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