Sunday, April 19, 2009

From Malaysia

Not everything is necessarily nice. Even if the packaging says so.

Bought this in KL about 2 months ago:

The packaging read:

The wonderful Tan Kim Hock Durian Pie is extremely popular among Malaysian. This innovative homemade pie, soft on the outside with surprisingly - Whoa!-durian paste filling is simply irresistible! So take time out for great tasting with Tan Kim Hock Durian Pie, you will enjoy it!

Haha. I like the "Whoa!" part.

Hey.. is there one missing from the package?

It looked okay..

But the taste was horrible! It tasted nothing like durian.. Far from it. Horribly horrid taste! Tasted like.. hoi sin sauce?!!

We had also bought some durian candy:

Which luckily, tastes like durian candy. It's the same brand still, but this time they got the flavour right!

I believe these are just a tourist gimmick though. Malaysians don't eat these things, right? Remind me to never buy these things. Actually, I wasn't the one who bought these ones anyway.. -__-

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