Monday, February 2, 2009

Tea addiction

I like tea. Hot tea. Or iced tea. Tea has to be hot or cold. It cannot be lukewarm. Or warm. It's just not how you consume it!

I don't drink anything but tea, really. I have a few cups a day. :D Ok. I know, I'm a tea addict. And thank-you for all the T2 tea that everyone gave me last year! :) I've yet to try them though, and it'll last me for quite a while.

My favourite teas
Hot: jasmine tea, green tea with jasmine, green tea with chamomile, chai latte, milk tea.
Cold: Thai milk tea, sweetened jasmine tea

I bought 2 boxes of tea today. Dilmah Green Tea with Jasmine & Dilmah Earl Grey Tea.
Why? Because I was enticed by what it said on the box.

I'm such a sucker. :(

I really wanted the green sea turtle or even the star tortoise.. but I got neither. At least I was lucky enough not to get the same in each box though. Sigh.. I am such a sucker. But I still really want that green sea turtle! :(

I got the sloth bear and the asoka fish.

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