Friday, January 30, 2009

Nothing until Monday

It was so hot (a sweltering 44 degrees C) that there was a blackout. I was going to bake cookies or cake (or try making some sorbet/ice-cream), but then the electricity went out for about 6-7 hours. It wasn't fair. Only a small section of houses in my area had the black out (ie. About 6 houses down were not affected).

Anyway, it was cooler in the evening so I went outside. The night sky was really nice tonight. The stars were really beautiful. The moon on the other hand.. (well I assumed it was the moon) looked like a large floating banana!! Haha. A few hours earlier (~8pm before the sun had set), it was a small white crescent shape high up in the sky. I remember seeing a bright star (or a satellite) above it. So I stared at the bright star and guess what happened? The moon disappeared! Haha. The image of the moon must have landed on my blindspot (where the optic nerve enters/exits the eye). Hehe. :D

A few hours later (~10pm), the moon was larger and lower in the sky. It was a deep yellow banana colour too! Thus it looked like a gigantic banana to me. But why was the moon so low in the horizon? I still think it's a gigantic banana. :P Haha. Speaking of which.. there are two bananas sitting at home ripening like mad. Time for some banana muffins/cake or banana/date cookies! :D The only thing though, is that I don't have time to bake until Monday because I have work on the weekend. :(

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