Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Looking back

I was looking back at the photos I took whilst overseas in Singapore and Hong Kong (and a bit of Shenzhen) last year. Although I did not take a photo of every single thing we ate over there, I've come to realise that we didn't really eat much. Haha. Being my first time overseas in Asia, each day was jam-packed so that we could get the most out of our two weeks there. But now I regret not spending more time exploring and shopping.. and not taking photos of everything.

Here is a mixture of food related photos from Singapore, Hong Kong and Shenzhen last year.

See McDonalds? I don't eat McDonalds. Extremely rare that I do. I had McDonalds 3 times overseas. Once in Singapore because I wanted to try the Prosperity food items (the beef tastes funny in Sg.. :S But the red bean pie was nice!), once for breakfast before leaving Hong Kong Island and another time in Hong Kong (I swear, the Big Macs are bigger than the ones here!) because there was no food left elsewhere (we had a very late dinner).

See Chilli crab? That was our CNY 'banquet' on CNY day @ Chen Fu Ji, Riverside Point. A meal between my cousin and I. Very small and simple (it was very hard finishing all that food on the table). The chilli crab was nice. I don't usually like crabs/lobsters, but this was good. There were families celebrating CNY in the restaurant. They had a lot of food and a lot of company with them... which made us feel lonely. :(

See the two mandarins? Hehe. We came back from CNY dinner to find it sitting in our hotel room @ Furama Riverfront.

See the Teochew popiah? Being Teochew, I'd never heard of it before. Saw it @ Bugis Junction, Singapore. Gave it a try and liked it! I miss it. I don't know where they sell this in Melbourne, if ever. I'll go find it when I hit Singapore in a few weeks. :)

See the photos with the orange cups of something? Well. It's supposed to be TEA. The worse food I've ever had @ Fairwood, Hong Kong. It was late night, and there was barely anything left on the menu. No wonder this was still on the menu. It was horrible. I had the spaghetti thing. It was flavourless.. AND! They did not have proper toilets there! They had the squatters and it was dirty as!! YUCK!! :( (I didn't, and will never use a squatting toilet. No thankyou!)

See Mickey Mouse red lucky pocket and the golden coin? Disneyland, Hong Kong. During the CNY period last year. They gave everyone one upon entrance. I never opened mine.. but my one actually had a winning ticket inside! (I didn't realise until I got back to the hotel that night). Never knew what I won. Haha. I still have it! (Not the chocolate though. I gave that away).

See all that Japansese food? Haha. Not sure why we kept eating Japanese food in Hong Kong. Had some @ The Peak and SOGO. Normal priced. Then you see the roast duck on rice near it - food from Cafe de Coral. Cheap and satisfying. My roast duck on rice was only ~$4AUD! :D I miss cheap food in HK. :(

And lastly.. see the portuguese egg tart in the very last photo? This was from KFC, Shenzhen. I couldn't believe it. I wanted to try some egg tarts in China, and my cousin's aunt said there was a place with the best tasting ones. And so they bought some and we found out it was from KFC. Hahaha. Portuguese egg tarts with taro pieces. Yes, taro (I know, the box shows that they have peach as well). I love taro! They were delicious!! I miss those too.

Why is food in Melbourne so.. either uninteresting, not tasty and/or expensive? Perhaps that's why I don't like eating out. :/


  1. ooohhh!! the biggest meals we had seem to come from the airplane =( i remember we couldn't eat at alot of places because all the menus were in chinese! T_T remember the porkbuns in singapore? they were the best buns i have ever eaten...i swear! and yuck yuck yuck that yucky tea from fairwood (wasn't that the lonely place where sad looking people were eating alone?) and the yucky squid from ocean park. my god i've been scared to eat squid ever since =S. oh.. also if i go back to hk i have to go back to cafe de coral and get that huge dish with the baked potato and stuff that everybody was eating. and mmmm... mc muffins at 12 am in honk kong =)

    oh i'm sad too that i couldn't take photos and next time i go (my friends want to go sing next year) i swear i will take 100000000 photos muahaha. did i ever tell you? swan gave me a new camera. canon ixus 980IS. i love it ^^

  2. YES! The best bao/pau I've ever had in my life! The dough was so.. melt in your mouth like. I remember trying to savour and scoff them down quickly before heading onto the bus tour to Sentosa.

    It was at Lau Pa Sat. I'll probably find my way back there to look for them (unless I find better in KL or elsewhere in Sg)! :D

    I googled up the place and found the website for Lau Pa Sat:
    I kinda remember where the stall was and I think it may have been stalls 97-101 'Bao Luo Wan Xiang'. The website recommends the dim sum there, so it might be it. Haha!

    And yes, Fairwood was that desolate place. Haha. I went into the toilets there. There was 1 toilet I think. The door was slightly open/closed. So I knocked onto it. No one replied. So I pushed it a little and someone started yelling. -__-. Came back a few minutes later when she had left (it was an employee..), only to find that it was a squatter. NO THANKYOU!