Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First post

Hello everyone!

I've decided to create a food blog since I love cooking and baking so much. I'll be putting up anything food related, including recipes and lots and lots of photos of food. (Yes, I love photography too. And most of my friends would already know that I love to take photos of food. Though, I do wish to purchase a better camera in the near future. Buy me a digital SLR and I'll love you forever. Actually, buy me a manual SLR + a darkroom and all the chemicals, and I'll love you even more! :P). I'm currently using my Sony Cybershot T100 digital camera (which has a lot of flaws, and I really hate it).. but you've got to love the supermacro mode!

I've been browsing a lot of food blogs lately and I finally decided that I should join the bandwagon and have one myself. I'm sure people are sick of seeing photos of my food on facebook. So I'll restrict it to here.. well, I'll try to.

Cooking & baking are like an addiction for me. I can't help myself (and it's getting worse now since I'm on break from university until March 09). I not necessarily want to eat the things I make (not that they're not edible or anything), I just enjoy the process of making and decorating, and smelling the aroma of freshly baked goods. Then taking a lot of photos before anyone gets near them. You could say that I take this as a form of art.

On another note, I'd like to say that I am an amateur and will never be a professional in anything but the field I'm currently studying at university (If I fail as an optometrist, you'll know where to find me. Haha..).

My food/baking will not always turn out great, but I'm grateful for family & friends that eat them up regardless. :) Thanks guys!

I cook. I bake. For you.

Seeing as the blog is new and empty, I'll upload some photos of food from 2008. :)


  1. your story does remind me a little of how i started, as i started my food blog during my 3 months university break too! waiting for more goodies from you! :)

  2. Yeh, 3 months is a long time. And I've spent so much time cooking and baking now. Haha.

    There's only a little over a month left before uni begins again! :(