Friday, January 9, 2009

Chocolate macarons


My first attempt.
Failed. -__-

So, I shall call these 'Chocolate kisses' instead.

I decided to use my Avanti cookie press/icing set (that I got for my birthday last year) to pipe the macarons, but the pressure was too high most of the time and so I couldn't control it. I think it also deflated my mixture too :(

Look at the mess!! Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. I will never try making macarons with this ever again. Sigh.

Then to sandwich them with ganache. And what better to make ganache with than Lindt 70% dark chocolate?! :D

Ganache.. too much ganache that I had so much left over!

Okay, they were a tad sticky on the outside.. so here comes the icing! It snowed~ :P

I will try macarons once more. And this time, they will be macarons! They'll be crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside. Not like these cake like kisses. :(

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